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At Speedgoat, we build customized, server-based computer software that makes statistical models and analytics more approachable and helps bridge the gap between the biologists with mud on their boots and the computer geeks with three monitors each (that’s us). Our overall goal is to provide consistency and transparency for our collaborators, so that agency biologists can spend more time thinking about biology and less about spreadsheets.

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Speedgoat works for you.

Mule deer in Idaho? Check. Bison in Arizona? Yep. Sage-grouse at a landscape scale? We’ve done that too. We base each population model package on shared code which helps create an economy of scale and keep costs down. Then we tailor every package to fit our collaborator’s individual needs. Our process starts with conversations about everything from the data collection process to management goals, and that collaborative communication keeps up long after the end product’s installation.

Our systems help overcome data problems—from logistical constraints to storage—assuring our collaborators maximize limited data sets and get the most statistical bang for their buck. Software automates the data analysis process and helps make critical, complex tasks more routine. Our secure website interface provides answers to statistical questions in real time, usually almost instantly. One uniform suite of models is accessible across the state, helping to foster consistency and making results directly comparable across time and space.

Even the world’s most meticulously-collected data doesn’t do managers much good if it’s not easily accessible and translatable. Our programs create reports, diagnostics, and tables and graphs with automatically-generated legends. You can view reports as HTML or Microsoft Word documents or just download graphs and charts. These automated features drastically reduce the time required for report generation by biologists.

Our virtual, server-based system combines security and computational power. The user interface looks and functions as a simple interactive website, but it connects to our collaborators’ remote databases and uses an application program interface handshake to access only the data required for each individual analysis. This helps reduce network traffic and also ensures that agencies maintain control over their hard-earned data. The overarching framework of each analysis is an integrated population model. Users can specify the desired output upfront, and our algorithms automatically determine the appropriate data and analysis.

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